VALORANT will release on June 2nd. Check out our info site on the release, with release times for each region and countdowns!


VALORANT is Riot Games’ new competitive tactical FPS game. It is a 5v5 character shooter, where the character’s unique abilities augment the strong gunplay by replacing utilities like the smoke or flash grenades you know from other games.

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What We Know and What We Don’t Know About Valorant


VALORANT is a character-based tactical first-person shooter in which gunplay comes first and character’s abilities augment it.
VALORANT Gameplay resembles CSGO, but with even more tactical and movement opportunities thanks to the unique character abilities.

Game Modes

The main game mode is 5v5 search & destroy played on maps with 2 and even 3 bomb spots.
Practice Modes are three different modes to not only train your aim, but also common game situations.
Learn more about VALORANT’s practice modes.

Match-Making and Ranked

VALORANT will of course have match-making and ranked.
Ranked in VALORANT might not be available at launch.

Agents (Characters)

VALORANT will launch with 12 agents.
Agents in VALORANT have no clear class, but many play-testers gave them unofficial classes like Attackers, Defenders and Support Agents.
Learn more about VALORANT’s Agents.

Abilities & Ultimates

Each VALORANT Agent has 4 unique abilities, one of them is an ultimate and one is a so-called signature ability, which is free to use.
The other abilities in VALORANT have to be bought in the buy menu at the beginning of each round. Ultimates additionally have to be unlocked by getting kills and collecting orbs on the map.


We know that there will be at least 16 weapons in VALORANT. Weapons can be bought at the start of the round through a buy menu.
Learn more about VALORANT’s weapons.

Skins, Cosmetics & Customization

VALORANT will have skins and we already got to see some in the first teaser.
VALORANT will launch with weapon skins, weapon charms, sprays and profile customizations (banner).


Unreal Engine 4 is the engine used for Valorant. It will be the first big non-battle-royale competitive shooter built on it.

Video & In-Game Settings

We don’t know too much of the in-game settings yet, besides that the game will feature a variety of crosshair customization options.

System Requirements

The VALORANT system requirements are really low. Check out our article on them to not get confused, because there is some misinformation out there:

Custom Gams in VALORANT

VALORANT will launch with custom games, available to everyone.

Replays / Demos / Spectator

We don’t know anything about a replay/demo system yet, but we expect it to be in the game. Same for a system for spectators.
The gameplay without HUDs that we saw in the teaser might have been created with it.

Mapping & Modding

Unfortunately something we have zero information on and probably something to not get your hopes up too much for. We hope at least for highly customizable custom games in the future.

Business Model & Micro-transactions

VALORANT will be free-to-play and feature micro-transactions. Players will be able to buy skins directly, unlock Agents and buy a battle pass.

Voice Chat

VALORANT will launch with integrated voice chat.


VALORANT will have its own ring 0 anti-cheat client and the anti-cheat efforts – as far as we can tell that early – seem really promising.


Is VALORANT released yet? Is VALORANT playable for the public yet?

No. And No. But the VALORANT beta will start April 7th!

Is VALORANT going to be free-to-play?


How long is VALORANT in development for?

We don’t know the exact date Riot Games launched the full VALORANT development, but we know it’s in R&D since at least 2014!
In 2015 key figures like Volcano (Senior Game Designer) and Felipe Romero Adames (Lead Engine Programmer) joined Riot Games.

What’s the release date?

Check out the article on the VALORANT release date with all the recent news and rumors.

Will VALORANT share a client/launcher with League of Legends?

Yes, very likely. The “Riot Client” is already being actively rolled out and will surely in the future not only launch League of Legends, but also other games from Riot like Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. If you’re a League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra player and already have the new client, you might even notice it sometimes, there is a bug that can get you stuck on a game selection splash screen after logging in. Right now it’s only a pretty lonely splash screen / button to launch LoL or LoR though with a shared friends list.

Will VALORANT release on consoles? Will VALORANT support crossplay?

It’s unlikely that VALORANT will release on consoles like Xbox Series X or PS5. So that means there probably will also be no crossplay of course.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for VALORANT?

The system requirements for VALORANT are pretty low. We’ll follow up on some misinformation on this topic soon. Follow us to not miss it.

Will VALORANT release on Linux or Mac?

Doubtful. And even playing it on Linux via a compatibility layer like Proton will be unlikely, due to the anti-cheat.