VALORANT features eighteen different weapons.

VALORANT’s Weapons are split into the three classic categories: primary weapons, secondary/sidearm and a melee weapon.

Weapons can be bought with “Creds” at the beginning of each round in the buy menu.

Primary Weapons

There are twelve primary weapons available in VALORANT, split into SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles, Snipers and Heavy.



Creds: 1,000

The less expensive SMG. Design resembles the UMP a bit.


Creds: 1,600

Looking like a MP5. Is the more expensive SMG.



Creds: 900

The 12GP is the shotgun we get to see in the teaser. It appears to be a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun. It seems to have a pretty high penetration with it going through the body and penetrating the wall behind the killed player.


Creds: 1,500

The Judge is the auto-shotgun of Valorant.


Four assault rifles find their way into the game.


Creds: 2,100

The Bulldog is the cheapest rifle in Valorant. It might have a burst.


Creds: 2,700

The Guardian is a semi-automatic rifle. The balance of this weapon will be interesting to watch.


Creds: 2,900

Phantom is the second most expensive rifle in Valorant. It might have a burst.


Creds: 2,900

Vandal is the weapon most preferred to as “AK”. It’s the most expensive rifle in the game.



Creds: 1,100

Only a $100 more expensive than the cheapest SMG. Reminds clearly of a Scout in CS.


Creds: 4,500

The AWP Op of VALORANT. The potentially strongest weapon in the game, expected to kill with one body shot – if you hit.

Heavy Weapon

Other games didn’t make it happen, it might happen in Valorant. Heavy weapons are big LMGs – we’ll see if they’ll make it into the meta. Besides the semi-automatic rifle the two other most interesting weapons in terms of balancing.


Creds: 1,700

We heard that name before, didn’t we?
With only a cost of 1,700 cheaper a LMG than the cheapest rifle.


Creds: 3,200

The Odin is the bigger and more expensive of the two LMGs in Valorant.

Sidearm (Secondary Weapons)

There will be five different sidearm weapons in Valorant. One of them is the default pistol players spawn with.


Creds: Free

The Classic is the pistol Agents spawn with.


Creds: 200

The Shorty is a sawed-off shotgun. With a cost of 200 it seems like a great weapon to hold corners with.


Creds: 400

The Frenzy is a full-automatic pistol with a high fire rate.


Creds: 500

The Ghost is the second most expensive pistol in the game.


Creds: 800

The most expensive and most powerful pistol in Valorant. Reminds one of a deagle gameplay wise, but is a revolver.

Melee Weapons

We don’t get to see any melee weapons in the buy menu, which makes it likely that everybody will have the same kind of melee weapon (in terms of attacks/damage). What we did see though were different types of weapons (knives, tomahawk, machete) – very likely that those are only cosmetics as in skins.

Buy Menu / Shop

Valorant has a buy menu / shop in which weapons, armor and abilities can be purchased. They all share the same currency.


  • Guns in VALORANT have recoil patterns.
  • ADS (aim down sight) is available on some guns and manipulates weapon stats.

What else do we know?

  • Weapons drop when a player gets killed.
  • Players also can drop weapons themselves, for example to drop it to a team mate.
  • Alt-fire on (some) weapons influences their stats.