Valorant (Project A) Teased in Ballers Episode

Valorant (Project A) was teased in HBO’s comedy Ballers. The TV show about former NFL player, now talent manager, Spencer Strasmore (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) took a trip into the world of esports, in particular League of Legends.

Thanks to the protagonists’ trip to the Riot Games offices we get to see two small Valorant (Project A) teasers.

Achlys – the gas/toxin lady next to the the Riot Games office entrance. (© Ballers / HBO)

The first teaser is a graffiti on the office front. It shows “Achlys – the gas/toxin lady”. (See Characters)

9 of the (so far) 16 weapons of Valorant (Project A). (© Ballers / HBO)

The second teaser is a glimpse into one of the meeting rooms, showing some of Valorant (Project A)’s weapons on the whiteboard. (See Weapons)

If you want check it out yourself, you can find the scenes it Ballers’ episode 5 of season 5. Care for spoilers though if you plan on watching Ballers yourself – a fun HBO comedy with a vibe of Entourage.

Source: via @JotaGuinsoo on Twitter