VALORANT’s Practice Modes Explained

Being able to practice and warmup is important in a tactical FPS – that’s why VALORANT comes with four different practice modes. In this post we’ll introduce them to you.

VALORANT will launch with a big practice map which accommodates not only targets around the map, but also three distinct trainings modes.

VALORANT Trainings Modes

Open Range

Open Range will spawn you on the practice map and lets you roam freely around. You’ll have some random configurable trainings targets and obstacles around the map and you’ll be able to start the three other distinct practice modes from there too. A great way to test some settings, improve your movement or to just play around a bit.

Shooting Test

The Shooting Test mode in VALORANT. (Riot Games/Project A Announcement)

The Shooting Test is the practice mode which we already saw in the very first VALORANT (back then Project A) teaser in October last year. It’s an aim training mode and comparable to the aim training map “Aim Botz” from CSGO.

In the Shooting Test the player will have three speed settings for the spawn times of the bots, the option to give them shields and an option to make them strafe. He can also in- and decrease his sensitivity right from the range, without the need to go into the options – an awesome quality of life feature!

The Shooting Test also feature a skill test in which you have to kill 50 or 100 bots as fast as possible.

Spike Defuse

In Spike Defuse the player gets thrown into a retake situation. You’ll have to kill the bots and defuse the Spike (bomb) before the time runs out. CSGO players might know this mode from so called “retake servers”.

Spike Planting

In Spike Planting the player has to take control of the site by killing bots, plant the Spike and then defend the site against a retake. CSGO players might also have played something similar on third party “execute servers”.

Also worth a mention and two additional great features: Joining the practice mode in VALORANT will not kick you out of your party and you can always change your Agents and swap your weapons at anytime in the mode.

Riot invested quite some time and thoughts into the practice modes and it shows. Not only can you train your aim, retake and plant situations, but it also comes with a great amount of quality of life features.

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