Valorant Discord

Join us in our Valorant Discord to shorten the wait and to stay up-to-date on announcements, news and articles around Valorant.

Whether you want to discuss the latest Valorant news, our coverage, have a question or want to find the right team mates for launch – you’re more than welcome in our Valorant Discord.


In this area you’ll find the rules under #readme, Valorant news under #news, Discord related stuff under #server and a quick Valorant #faq.

Waiting Room

The place to discuss a little bit of everything in the #lobby. #discussion is the place for focused Valorant discussions. In #questions you can ask your Valorant questions and hope for answers. #lfg-lft will help you find some players before the game is even out.


Discuss #other-games, #hardware, #movies-tv and #music. We also have a place for #self-promotion in there for your Valorant content.

Also: Everybody who joins before Valorant releases will get a special role as appreciation.