Update, April 6th

Tomorrow, on April 7th, the VALORANT closed beta will finally start.
You can still sign-up for the beta and have a chance to win a VALORANT beta access drop through Twitch.

VALORANT Closed Beta will start in:

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Sadly, the beta will only be available in Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, and Europe for now.

Closed Beta FAQ

When will the Closed Beta start?

April 7th, 2pm CEST / 5am PDT / 8am EDT

When will the VALORANT Beta Access Drops on Twitch continue?

At the same time the closed beta starts, April 7th. 5 AM PDT, 8 AM EDT, 2 PM CEST – The beta invite drops will last for multiple days this time, though it is possible that they might get paused inbetween.

Which streamers will have VALORANT beta access drops?

The same as on April 3rd. We curated a list of great personalities with drops to check out for you:

How long will the VALORANT Closed Beta last?

We don’t know exactly how long the closed beta will be open, but we know that Riot aims to have a short closed beta. At the same time, the ranked mode is announced for “weeks into the beta”, which implies a VALORANT closed beta length of at least a couple of weeks.

How many players will get into the VALORANT beta?

Riot spoke of hundreds of thousands, but don’t forget that this is split in two regions. The number of invites will gradually increase over the days, so don’t feel to bad if you won’t get an invite, especially on day one. You’ll still have a chance!
On April 7th, the first day of closed beta, Riot plans on inviting another 100k new players over all regions.

Can you get VALORANT beta invite drops on mobile?

Yes, you can get the VALORANT beta drop on mobile – if you use the official Twitch app and if you are logged into your account.

Do you have to type anything in Twitch chat to get a drop?

No! Just follow the how-to below and watch a eligible streams that has VALORANT Drops enabled. No need to type anything in chat.

Will there be a VALORANT open beta?

There is currently no open beta planned! Riot plans on going straight to release after the VALORANT closed beta.

Can you buy access to the VALORANT beta?

No, you can’t buy access to the VALORANT beta.

When did the Invite Drops on Twitch start?

On April 3rd 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CEST, streamers and content creators were allowed to go live and show pre-recorded gameplay footage. At the same time the VALORANT closed beta invite drops were enabled!
Then when the VALORANT beta begins on April 7th, the beta drops also continue.

How to sign up for the VALORANT beta

  1. Go to and login with your Riot Account. If you don’t have one, create one first on this site.
  2. If that was successful, you should now be able to check your beta status on this website and also have an email thanking you for joining VALORANT in your email inbox.
  3. Now connect your Twitch account to your Riot Account on – You can additionally check if the connection was successful on
  4. Now you’re pretty much set! On April 3rd you’ll be able to watch specific streamers with beta invite drops enabled. You’ll be able to see which streamer has them enabled and which not under their streams!
  5. You can also download the VALORANT/Riot Client Installer already. Keep in mind that this is not the game client yet and you can only install the game client when you have access to the beta.

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Valorant Beta Keys

There are no beta keys yet and there never will be VALORANT Beta Keys, so don’t fall for beta key offfers! The way Riot managed their past betas for LoL but also their new games TFT and Legends of Runeterra is to flag accounts directly for the beta – not by providing beta keys.

You still might run into people with access talking about VALORANT beta keys – they just paraphrase. Trust us, there are no VALORANT beta keys!

Valorant Beta Release

The Valorant beta finally has a date, it will release on April 7th, 2020 at 5 am PDT / 8 am EDT / 2 pm CEST.

There was no official announcement for the betas yet. With Valorant releasing (or potentially going into open beta) in Summer 2020, we expect the first public closed beta by May at the latest, but there are rumors for a public beta as early as the beginning of April, specifically April 7th. We would not get too hyped about it, but it is a possibility. If a public beta in early April is happening, we should see it announced by April 3rd.

Valorant Beta Invites

Valorant’s beta invite system will work similar how it did with Legends of Runeterra, Riot’s card game.

There will be VALORANT beta invite drops on Twitch. Connect your Riot Account to your Twitch account like explained in the how-to above. You then have a chance to get into the beta by watching VALORANT streamers starting April 3rd.