VALORANT Beta Launches in South Korea, Latin America and Brazil – Mexico to follow next

Phase 2 of the VALORANT beta officially launched, adding South Korea, Latin America and Brazil as regions.

Riot Games welcomes Brazil, Latin America and Korea into the VALORANT Closed Beta. (via Riot Games)

Anna Donlon (Supercakes), Executive Producer of VALORANT, already announced on May 1st that Korea, Latin America and Brazil will be added on May 5th – and without any delay or problems – all three new regions had a successful launch today.

Three Data Centers Launch – One Per Region – Brings High Pings for Some of Northern & Central America

Each of todays launched regions has one data center for the time being, with more to be launched in the future. Latin America servers are hosted in Santiago, Chile, Brazil’s servers in Sao Paulo and Korea’s servers in Seoul.

Many players from the Northern regions of Latin America experience higher pings and a somewhat less great networking experience, due to the southern geographic location of the Latin American’ servers. Riot Games is monitoring and actively working on solutions, like with the planned data center in Peru.

Mexico To Launch Next – Could Also Bringe Some Ease

Lower pings should also bring the launch of the Mexico (Northern Latin American) region with a data center in Mexico City. Postponed due to the world’s current health crisis it is next on the roadmap of regions to launch.