VALORANT Battle Pass – What’s the price?

VALORANT will launch with a full battle pass on June 2nd, but what do we know about VALORANT’s battle pass system?

What does the VALORANT Battle Pass cost?

VALORANT’s Battle Pass will cost 1000 VALORANT Points. 1000 VALORANT Points equal $10, if you by the smallest Valorant Points package. (Your local currency might vary.)

VALORANT’s battle pass cost follows suit with the common battle pass pricing scheme of other games.

What else do we know about VALORANT’s Battle Pass?

VALORANT’s battle pass will feature a free and paid tier and likely somewhere between 50 to a 100+ “main” levels. We don’t know yet if you can earn a 1000 VALORANT Points through the battle pass, to get the next battle pass for free – similar to other games.

The Battle Pass will include weapon skins, gun buddies, banners, titles and more.

The Battle Pass will not be the only progression system in the game. There will be an additional progress system to level your Agents (and unlock them): Contracts. This system will be preceded with an additional “VALORANT launch special” progression system to unlock two agents among other goodies – similar to the one in the VALORANT beta.

How long will the Battle Pass last for?

VALORANT’s battle pass will last as long as each season, which might vary, especially after launch.