VALORANT Act III (3) Epilogue Battle Pass Tiers

What are they and how can I find them?

VALORANT Act 3 is currently being released around the world and Riot announced so called Epilogue Tiers for this iteration of VALORANT’s Battle Pass, but what and where is the Epilogue?

VALORANT’s Battle Pass for Act III (Season 3) is longer than usual, with 90 instead of 60-70 days like in the last two Acts. This is why this Act’s Battle Pass will have so-called Epilogue Tiers. An epilogue is the an extension to an end, so it will expand the current 50 tiers of the battle pass. Those tiers are currently not visible to players, not even if you buy all 50 of the existing tiers.

Riot did not yet specify what and how many of those tiers will be in the game, but here are our predictions:

  1. It’s Christmas Time
    The current battle pass would’ve ended in mid December without the extension of the battle pass. Now the battle pass will run over the Christmas time into the New Year and Riot is famous for their seasonal cosmetics in other games. It’s likely that at least some of the cosmetics in the Epilogue are Christmas and New Years Eve themed.
    It would also be a nice gift to the community.
  2. Don’t expect more than 5-12 tiers in Act III’s Epilogue
    Depending on the quality of the items in the tiers, don’t expect more than 5-12, it’s only about 20 extra days.
  3. Expect the Epilogue Tiers it to be grindy
    VALORANT’s battle pass is known to be grindy, especially towards the end, and the Epilogue tiers likely won’t be any different in those regards.
  4. Expect some Act III Epilogue leaks in 4-6 weeks
    The next patch will be all around the release of Skye, Valorant’s new agent, so don’t expect too much information on the Epilogue and its content at that point. The patch after we wouldn’t be too surprised to see some Epilogue leaks through data-mining though.

Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to the extended battle pass in VALORANT’s Act III and hope for some great, seasonal cosmetics in Epilogue.

We will update this post as soon as we get more information or find first leaks on VALORANT’s first Battle Pass Epilogue.