Team Prodigy (dafran, Shaiiko, ScreaM, mixwell, KINGMEZII) Wins First Fnatic Proving Grounds: VALORANT Open Cup

Some known faces won Fnatic’s first VALORANT event, the Fnatic Proving Grounds: VALORANT Open. Team Prodigy, named after the esports “Prodigy Agency” which represents the players, won without losing a single map and came out on top in today’s cup.

Prodigy’s stacked line-up of current and former professional CSGO, R6S and Overwatch players:

  • dafran
  • Shaiiko
  • ScreaM
  • mixwell

Prodigy secured the tournament win in a clear 2:0 (Haven, Bind) against the finish squad 2G4L (“Too good for loose”), represented by

  • rEplan
  • jesmund
  • aleksi
  • Fake
  • synde

A line-up that isn’t new to FPS games either, with (former) professional players of older CoD titles and Battalion 1944.

Fnatic Proving Grounds: VALORANT Open

Fnatic Proving Grounds: VALORANT Open was a one day tournament with 32 slots. 16 of the teams were invited, the other 16 slots were open for sign-up.

Tournament bracket and results can be found on ChallengerMode.