VALORANT Skins and Cosmetics

VALORANT will launch with skins and cosmetics. We already got to see some of them in the shared gameplay footage. Skins in VALORANT will be purchasable and also unlockable via a battle pass system.

Types of VALORANT Skins

Weapon Skins

VALORANT will feature a variety of weapon skins that will change the design of your weapon. Melee skins will not just change the design of the default knife, but replace it with other fun melee weapons like a machete, tomahawk and many more.

Buddies (Weapon Charms)

You might know these from other games already, VALORANT will also feature little charms to complement your weapon, they’re called Buddies.


These days also seen as skins, VALORANT will have sprays!

Other Customization

VALORANT will also have profile customization in form of banners, likely also profile pictures.

Valorant Skins FAQ

Will VALORANT feature agent skins (character skins)?

No, at least not on launch. Riot Games said they might be a possibility in the future.

Will there be a way to get VALORANT skins for free?

There will likely be a way in the future to get VALORANT skins for free. Possibly not in the beta though!