Não Te Preocupes Brasil: VALORANT Closed Beta Is Also Coming to Brazil – With Local Servers! Riot Asks to Not Sign up in Other Regions.

The closed beta for VALORANT is close, but so far only NA and EU will get to play.

At least Brazilian players can breathe a sigh of relief now. Riot Games announced on Twitter that Brazil will also get a closed beta with local servers and that as soon as possible. The delay is caused by infrastructure not being ready yet due to COVID-19. Riot says they will announce the exact date soon.

Riot asks to Not Sign up in Other Regions

Riot asks Brazilian players to not sign up for other regions, citing that no player transfers will be available anytime soon and high pings.

This announcement comes shortly after Riot announced that Russia will not have local servers in VALORANT for now.

It’s still open if Asia, OCE, MENA, South Africa and the rest of South America get a closed beta test.