Curated List of Twitch Streamers With VALORANT Beta Invite (“Key”) Drops

Update April 6th:
The same streamers will also be the streamers with enabled VALORANT beta drops on April 7th.

Today the first VALORANT beta invites will be dropped on Twitch at 10am PDT. Don’t forget, there are no VALORANT beta keys! Your Riot Account (which you connected to Twitch first) will be whitelisted for the closed beta. Again: THERE ARE NO VALORANT BETA KEYS.

The goal of this list is to curate especially interesting streamers with enabled drops, like (former) professionals of other FPS games (that potentially might even switch games) and influential personalities in competitive gaming and esports. You can click on each name to find out more about them.

How many VALORANT beta invites will be dropped?

On April 3rd Riot will drop 25.000 VALORANT beta invites for EU and 25.000 invites for NA. But don’t forget that Riot speaks about hundreds of thousands of players, so expect way better odds on April 7th and later, when the VALORANT beta drops on Twitch continue.
On April 7th Riot will drop another 100k VALORANT beta invites to Twitch viewers.

Do I have a higher chance for a VALORANT beta drop by watching multiple streamers?

No! The system just checks if you are watching one of the streamers with enabled drops.

How do I identify Twitch streamers with enabled VALORANT beta drops (“key drops”)?

You will see under their stream that they have VALORANT drops enabled. You might already know that from other games like League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Modern Warfare and more.