Valorant Agents

VALORANT will launch with twelve different agents. An Agent is a character in VALORANT. Agents also seem to be split into roles, it’s unknown if those roles are set or more something that is going to be defined by players.

VALORANT’s Agents have four different abilities, with one being a so-called signature ability, those are free every round, another one of them is an ultimate. The abilities that are not free have to be bought at the beginning of the round in the shop. The ultimate has an additional kill requirement to be used.

Abilities in Valorant should be seen more as utilities which augment the gunplay, which is the most important part of Valorant.

So far we have more details on the following ten agents:


Breach’s Abilities

  • Aftershock
    A slow-acting burst that goes through walls. Does deal heavy damage to anyone caught in its area.
  • Flashpoint
    A blinding, fast-acting charge that bursts through walls and blinds all players looking at it.
  • Fault Line (Signature Ability)
    A seismic blast setting of an quake – also through walls – stunning enemies in it’s line/zone.
  • Rolling Thunder (Ultimate)
    A seismic charge which can be called in on the map. Damages, dazes and knocks up anyone in it.


Brimstone seems like a very tactical Valorant character and might end up being the pick for many IGLs. His abilities are all designed around tactical play.

Brimstone’s Abilities

  • Incindiary
    An incendiary grenade that causes a damaging field of fire.
  • Stim Beacon
    Calls in a Stim Beacon to a nearby location, giving all players (allies & enemies) nearby “Rapidfire”.
  • Sky Smoke (Signature Ability)
    Deploy smoke screens by just setting the locations on your map.
  • Orbital Strike (Ultimate)
    Causes high damage via orbital strike – called in on the map.


Cypher is the mysterious spy from the gameplay teaser (who died in every scene. rip). His abilities are all about getting information and taking control.

Cypher’s Abilities

  • Trapwire
    Cypher places a Trapwire between two walls. Enemies that trigger the Trapwire will be restrained and revealed for a short amount of time. If the trap is not getting destroyed in that moment, it will daze the enemy. The Trapwire can be picked up again.
  • Cyber Cage
    A remote activated trap that can be activated to create a cage that slows enemies. Those traps can also be detonated.
  • Spycam (Signature Ability)
    A by the player placed remote cam which can fire tracking darts.
  • Neural Theft (Ultimate)
    Cypher’s ultimate lets him reveal enemies by extracting informations from a dead enemy’s body.


Jett seems like an assault/attack agent, with quite some focus on movement. She has a dodge and a leap, a spherical wind field and throwing knives as an ultimate.

Jett’s Abilities

  • Cloudburst
    A cloud of fog that limits vision. The cloud’s in-fight trajectory can be bend by pressing the ability button while throwing.
  • Updraft
    A wind draft that let’s you leap/jump high into the air.
  • Tailwind (Signature Ability)
    Dash in the direction you’re moving.
  • Blade Storm (Ultimate)
    You arm yourself with five throwing daggers that deal moderate damage and kills on headshot. Left click throws a single dagger, right click throws all daggers in a short-ranged burst.


Omen is one of the agents we saw the least of yet. He’s an Agent from the shadows.

Omen’s Abilities

  • Paranoia
    Send out an Ethereal shadow in a straight line, Nearsighting anyone it touches.
  • Shadow Walk
    Omen dematerialize and teleports after a short delay.
  • Dark Cover (Signature Ability)
    Cast out a stealthed ethereal orb that bursts into an obscuring sphere of shadow at its final location. Can be charged to increase distance.
  • From the Shadows
    Omen teleports to a selected spot on the map and appears there as a Shade. If the Shade gets killed he will return to his original location.


Phoenix is the “fire character” of Valorant. He seems like a pretty offensive Agent.

Phoenix’ Abilities

  • Hot Hands
    A fire ball that explodes after a short time or on impact with the ground, creating a fire zone. The fire zone damages enemies and heals Phoenix.
  • Blaze
    A flame wall that blocks vision and damages anyone passing through it. It can be bend by the player during deployment.
  • Curveball (Signature Ability)
    A curved flair that explodes and generates a bright light (flash) blinding players. Can be curved left or right.
  • Run it Back (Ultimate)
    Marks your current location. If you Phoenix dies during the ultimates duration, he will be reborn at the marked position.

Raze (not Revealed Yet)

  • Boom Bot
    A explosive little friend who travels in a straight line, bounces off walls and will lock and chase an enemy in front of him. Explodes and deals heavy damage if it reaches the enemy.
  • Blast Pack
    A explosive charge that sticks to surfaces. Can be detonated by the Raze.
  • Cluster Grenade (Signature Ability)
    A grenade that explodes and spreads more “sub-grenades”, which will also explode.
  • Showstopper (Ultimate)
    Fires a rocket with her rocket launcher, dealing massive area damage on contact with anything.


Sage is some sort of support character with her ultimate being a revive. Play testers disclosed that players got to use the revive only 2-3 times a match.

Sage’s Abilities

  • Barrier Orb
    A firm barrier that can be rotated and placed by the Sage.
  • Slow Orb
    A field of ice that slows and grounds players insight it.
  • Healing Orb (Signature Ability)
    Heals a team mate or Sage herself over time.
  • Resurrection (Ultimate)
    Revives a dead ally after a brief channel. The ally will respawn with full health.


Sova is another Valorant character that helps with getting information about your enemy.

Sova’s Abilities

  • Shock Bolt
    An explosive bolt with a damaging pulse upon impact.
  • Owl Drone
    A pilot-able drone with darts that reveal enemies who are hit.
  • Recon Bolt (Signature Ability)
    Fires a sonar bolt that reveals nearby enemies. The bolt can be destroyed.
  • Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate)
    Three energy blasts that blast across the entire map. Deals heavy damage and marks the hit enemies (on the mini map?).


Viper’s abilities is poisonous – and her play style might also end up being pretty toxic.

Viper’s Abilities

  • Snakebite
    A projectile that causes a pool of damaging acid.
  • Poison Cloud
    Remote gas device that can be thrown and reactivated to create a toxic cloud. Activating it costs fuel (per second?). The device can be picked up.
  • Toxic Screen (Signature Ability)
    Viper’s signature ability deploys a line of emitters that create a wall of toxic gas. Costs fuel and can be reactivated.
  • Viper’s Pit (Ultimate)
    Viper’s Pit is a huge toxic cloud that lasts as long as Viper stays in it. Enemies inside the cloud are highlighted (not revealed) to Viper.


Do abilities also affect team mates?

Yes, some do! The ability descriptions are sometimes written universally and don’t just mention the enemy, which means they will also affect your team mates. So use them carefully!

Will there be character bans?

Unlikely. It would need many many more characters to have a viable ban system.

Can characters be played on both teams at the same time?


Can multiple players on the same team pick the same character?